HARRY BANKS - He couldn't hear or speak. He was left on a doorstep as an infant - brought to an institution and as far as we all know was raised there. I met him fresh out of college while working at Rhinebeck Country Village where he was a resident and at the time, a grown man. He smoked a pipe - wore khaki pants and white shirt, always pressed. The best worker at the Village. His room ordered and immaculate. Walked with dignity. And without hearing or speaking words, he understood everything. He was steady in the midst of all the emotional upheavals that were part of daily life at this Village. He had a quiet empathy. He knew what was needed and who needed it. He felt when a cup of coffee or a reassuring touch were called for. He was kind with no request for recognition or praise. He was a pillar and a kind of saint. Eric A Peterson also worked at this Village at the same time and knew Harry. Naming this production company after him was our version of Harry Banks' canonization and his quality of humanity is our guide.